The Omicron Zeta Chapter was chartered at the University of Florida on Friday, November 5, 1973 under the administrations of Grand Basileus Marion W. Garnett, Seventh District Representative Moses C. Norman, and Florida State Representative Dorsey C. Miller, Jr. The chartering Brothers, known as the "IMPOSSIBLE DREAM", were Bill Bogan, Thomas Rollins, III, John W. Mitchell, Leroy Williams, Tony A. Moss, Michael M. Williams, Johnnie F. Brown, Chauncey L. Taylor, Joe McCloud, Patrick G. Minzie, Eddie Pressley, McArthur Shelton, Jimmie Beasley, Daniel Bell, Edward G. Knowles, Edward Phillips, Felton Phillips, Dale E. Bush, Forrest Johnson, Gonzales Whitter, Michael Jackson, Edward D. Smith and Milton Brown. Cleveland Kiner served as the Chapter's first advisor.

Since its inception, Omicron Zeta has been committed to upholding the ideals of Omega through campus and community involvement and to exemplifying the Four Cardinal Principles in a manner consistent with the noble intentions of the Fraternity's Founders.


The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but in men, in real brotherhood.  Eight men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater assets than eighty with luke-warm enthusiasm.  If any chapter has reached the maximum in numbers for efficient work and brotherly cooperation, let it initiate each year only a number of men equal to those leaving the chapter by way of graduation or otherwise.

Men, real men of Omega calibre, strive for that which is most difficult of attainment.  Keep Omega the most difficult Greek letter Society in which to obtain membership and be assured that Omega material will never be found lacking.”

Walter Herbert Mazyck (Alpha 1916)
Grand Keeper of Records & Seal
The Oracle, March 1925 (Vol. III, No. 1)


Impossible Dream - Spring, May 26, 1973

Duration Three - Summer 1973

Vice Lords - Fall 1973

Gash Hounds - Spring 1974

Purple Haze - Fall 1974

Psychos - Spring 1975

Mystic Mirage - Spring 1976

Enchantment - Spring 1977

Pure Hell - Spring 1979

Shamtastic Six - Spring 1981

Two the Hard Way - Spring 1983

Wizards of O.Z.- Fall 1983

Three Dog Bite - Summer 1986

Two Mighty Rolls of Thunder - Summer 1987

Challenger Five - Spring 1988

Funky Four Corners - Fall 1988

Six Knights of Death - Fall 1989

Seven Pillars of Doom - Fall 1991

Dynamic Dogmatic Duo - Fall 1993

Six Ax of Terror - Spring 1994

Misfits of Omega - Spring 1995

Eight Hounds from the Underground - Fall 1995

The Lone Dog - Fall 1996

The Lost Souls - Spring 1997

Fearsome Foursome of Mass Destruction - Spring 1999

Ten Warlords of the Apocalypse - Spring 2000

Five Disciples of Discipline - Spring 2002

Last Two Standing - Spring 2003

Four Soulful Survivors - Fall 2003

8 Soldiers of Sacrifice - Spring 2005

Majestic Five - Fall 2006

Maniacal Merciless Six - Fall 2007

8 Hellacious Dogs of Havoc - Spring 2009

Purple Reign - Fall 2010

Pentacle of Resurgence - Fall 2013

Gladiators of SpartaQus - Spring 2015

The Missions of BlaQ Ops - Spring 2016

Seven Traumatic Dawgs of SharQ - Spring 2018

The Quarantined Duo of Despair - Spring 2020

The Overloaded Trio - Fall 2021